Apparently you cannot control everything and hair is a brilliant example of this. Nonsense! The person who said this, knew nothing about hair oil treatment. High quality oil will tame even the most difficult in maintaining and unruly hair.

Hair oiling trend has its grounds. Natural hair oils are one of the most effective ways for regeneration. Thanks to them you can improve hair condition with no further costs. This is because oils are affordable and easily available. This is natural hair conditioner, which does not contain preservatives and harmful chemical substances.

Hair oils penetrate deep hair structures, nourish and strengthen on the inside and out. These help to, e.g. restore hair with gloss, regenerate damaged hair, moisturise dry hair and strengthen weak hair. Oils are highly recommended to the owners of matte, weak, brittle and excessively falling out hair, but in fact they can be used by anyone.

Hair oils:

  • provide complex nourishment
  • strengthen on the inside
  • speed up hair growth
  • ensure natural gloss
  • soften and smooth out
  • provide hair with full protection

Hair oils can also have superficial action, because they are emollients. Therefore, oils frequently fulfill a protective function. They create an invisible layer and protect hair against water and essential nourishing substances loss as well as protect it against harmful factors. This particular function of natural hair oils is used in cosmetics designed for hair styling.

Hair oils for hair styling

Healthy hair is easier to manage and requires less styling cosmetics. This is why hair oil treatment is a key matter when it comes to heat styling. Strong and bouncy strands are easier to curl or straighten, are not this sensitive to drying out and are, in general, easier to work with. It is much more difficult to tame hair that easily frizzes and is like a pile of hay.

Beside nourishing, strengthening and regenerating hair, oils also have an indirect impact. They often change appearance of hair after first use - provide lightness, softness, shine and make combing easier. Good hair oil is great as a heat protector that eases styling. You should try these products that contain high amount of vegetable oils. What makes us so keen on using them?

  • Combing and styling become easier (softer, smoother).
  • Preserve and provide hair with gloss.
  • Emphasise coil of wavy and curly hair (ensure elasticity).
  • Protect against high temperature, e.g. blow dryer or curler.
  • Prevent fly-away and frizzing hair.
  • Increase volume by raising hair at their roots.

There is no better product for hair care and styling than natural oil. You just have to choose the right one, that will have positive impact on hair and not cause the harm. The best oils for hair styling are the light ones, which will not weigh hair down. After all, you do not want to leave your hair clumpy. It is suggested to apply a little bit of oil because even very light oil applied in excess may cause some discomfort, oily scalp or clumpy hair.

Below, you can find top-rated oil-based hair styling products that share two common features: light consistency and a high concentration of oils. These are the most frequently recommended hair care products.

No. 1 in the classification

NANOIL – Hair Oil

Greatest benefit? The only hair oil developed to match hair porosity. It meets needs of three hair types due to three versions of it. It facilitates

Action of Nanoil hair oil
No. 3 in the classification

NANOIL – Argan Oil

Nanoil Argan Oil is quite an untypical product in this ranking. The fact that it doesn't contain any silicones and is made of just one ingredient - pure

nanoil argan oil
No. 6 in the classification

NANOIL – Macadamia Oil

Indeed, Macadamia Oil by Nanoil is a most women's favorite - it's completely natural and ultra-light, doesn't weigh hair down and penetrates so fast that it's was nicknamed

nanoil macadamia oil
No. 7 in the classification

MATRIX – Oil Wonders, Sharp Cut Oil

Professional Cut is a hair oil enriched in Moroccan argan oil. The product was created specially for the professionals (hair stylists, hairdressers) and has smoothing and nourishing properties. It is


The three steps of hair styling with hair oil

Hair oils used in styling are applied always after hair wash. This is what makes them different than oils for hair care. Nonetheless, these can be exactly the same oils, like argan oil (perfectly regenerates and is suitable for hair styling), but the method of application determines the action. You need to remember about three simple steps, so that hair oil was effective.

Hair styling:

  1. After hair wash, towel dry hair.
  2. Take a bit of oil on hands and rub gently in damp hair.
  3. Blow dry hair and provide hair with the hair style of your choice.

Volume increase:

  1. After hair wash, towel dry hair.
  2. Rub some oil in hair moving towards hair bulbs.
  3. Dry hair on the brush.

Emphasise of the coil:

  1. After washing hair with method right for the curly hair, towel dry them.
  2. Gently rub oil in strands on their entire length.
  3. Style hair as you see it fit, with right method.

Function of great significance concerning natural oils is protection of hair against heat. Temperature above 60-70°C is very harmful to hair. There is no way to avoid it if you use curler. Indeed hair oils can help, because their protective layer protect hair against burn or damage as a result of impact of high temperature. This is a key to effective hair care of frequently styled hair.