Why are you going to fall in love with oiling hair treatment?

Hair treatment with natural oils is highly popular and extremely easy to carry out. All you need is a well-chosen oil and an evening.

You must apply a natural oil to hair and scalp and leave it on as long as possible (preferably a few hours or the whole night). When you perform oiling hair treatment, regularity is the key. First effects can be observed after the very first treatment. However, if we desire long-term effects, we must do the treatment at least once a week.

Why is oiling hair so beneficial to your hair?

1. Oils are fully natural substances – their power and effectiveness come from the cold-pressed seeds and nuts.

2. Hair oils don’t only work on the hair surface. They penetrate deep into the hair bulbs and strengthen the hair from the inside. As a result, drug store masks and conditioners lag behind.

3. Oiling provides hair repair like no other home treatment.

4. Regular oiling boosts hair growth.

5. Oiling hair helps to fight off the dandruff and other scalp conditions. They leave the scalp clean and healthy. It is common knowledge that healthy scalp equals healthy and strong hair.

6. Thanks to oiling hair, you protect your hair from unfavourable weather conditions, including frost, wind, strong sun.

7. Oiling hair also protects from mechanical damage that you offer to your strands. If you blow-dry with hot airflow, use a flat iron or dye your hair – do oiling treatment regularly. You won’t be worried about its condition.

8. If you have a problem with split ends, you can protect them with natural oils. The ends will stop to split and become shiny and nourished.

9. Oiling hair makes the strands supple, shiny and nourished. What is more, it provides scalp care and controls sebum production. As a result, you will say goodbye to too oily scalp or moisturize too dry scalp.

If you haven’t tried oiling hair treatment yet, it’s high time to change it. Go to a drug store to get a natural oil and surprise your hair!

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