What should take into consideration when buying hair dryer?

The choice of hair dryer cannot be spontaneous decision. You should never be suggested by the price, TV commercial or even the fact that your friend has the same one and is satisfied with it. Wrong hair dryer can provide only damage.

What should you take into consideration when buying hair dryer?

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1. May the force (power) be with you

The greater power has the hair dryer the better: then the drying time is shorter. Choose hair dryers with the minimum power of 1600 W.

2. Too hot – too bad

Temperature control is essential. Hair dryer should have at least two levels of regulation, where the first one should be relatively cooler. This way you can be sure that the hair dryer will not burn hair and damage scalp.

3. Be cool

It is great if hair dryer is equipped in the button allowing drying with cold air. It is specially helpful during stylisation, because cold preserves hair style and closes cuticles.

4. Ionisation

Thanks to the ionisation, positive loads accumulating on the hair are neutralised. Ergo, you avoid fly-away hair and gain smoother and gloss. Ionisation makes hair also stop frizzing.

5. Louder than the mower?

Some hair dryer models are so loud that it becomes tiresome. If you have a little baby or neighbours who value peace and quite – choose quite hair dryer, that allows you to dry your hair any time of the day or night.

6. Accessories, i.e. hair also like gadgets

Accessories that go with the hair dryer often come handy during stylisation. One of them is diffuser, which is an absolute necessity for drying curly and wavy hair. Diffuser shouldn’t be small, because it extends the drying time and makes more difficult to embrace all the long strands. Another useful gadget is concentrator nozzle for precise styling of straight hair.

7. Small and light or big and heavy?

The weight and size of a hair dryer can be very relevant if you have long hair that take some time to dry. Drying hair with heavy hair dryer is then inconvenient. If you travel a lot and take travel version of a hair dryer with you – its weight and size are also very important.

8. Elbowroom…

…or the length of a cable. If in your bathroom the distance between a mirror and a socket is quite large – it is clear that you cannot choose hair dryer with short and inconvenient cable. This will make more difficult both drying and stylisation.